Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mother's Day Gift sets


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Other projects

This was created by using foam letters and paint and put some foamie glitter stars. We use velcro to stick it on the wall.
the lady bug diaper cake was made by my aunt with a little assistance from me.  I think she did an awesome job! Even though she says she is not a crafty person..

Candy land 1st Birthday

My wedding projects

Here is our the picture frame that was used for guest to sign. The candles around the frame have a ribbon around it with our name and date of wedding. I glued a calilillie where the ribbons met so that it would not show.

The champagne flute was used as our centerpieces for 24 tables. I sprayed the inside of the flute with adhesive and then poured diamond dust to coat it.

The candle I scraped it then sprayed adhesive on the candle and rolled it in diamond dust. I also put our initial in each individual candle with rhinestones.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Decorations

These decorations were used with the cricut create (not sure which cartridge I used). We used these centerpieces as decorations for our family Thanksgiving celebration.

Glass etching

The project I created by using the cricut create. I display this etch glass on my dining room table so when guest arrive at our home they will be feel welcome.

The small vase I created for Valentines day for my loving aunt. Even though on the finish product you can't really see the "I love you" this is still a work in progress. I gave her the vase already but I'm working on ways that the etching can be viewed on other projects. I welcome any suggestions you may have.

Picture Frames

I created these picture frames as gift for family party. My first picture frame was created for my cousin's babyshower. Her baby was going to be the 1st grandchild for my cousin so I wanted the baby to feel welcomed when she arrived. With this picture frame the family signed it and wrote welcoming remarks for the baby.

My second picture frame was done for a 1st Birthday with a princess theme. The picture below is of the frame before it was signed by our family.

My third picture frame was for a babyshower with a Zoo theme.

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